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  • HomemadeKarma
    Cool handmade things - giving old stuff a second chance.
  • Telephone lamps
    LED powered vintage telephones.
  • Chess piece key-chains
    Even chess pieces deserve a second chance.
  • Tape measure belts
    All items designed and handmade by HomemadeKarma.
  • Telephone lamps
    Telephones with old-school rotary dials. Remember?
  • Tape measure belts
    Because to measure is to know.

HomemadeKarma makes accessories, lamps and jewelry using vintage objects, retro telephones, chess pieces and measuring tape.

Everything changes and everything transforms. The Buddhists call it samsara; the cycle of life. The law of karma. Artistic recycling, upcycling, repurposing, reclaiming; call it what you like. Ceci n´est pas une pipe.

Life is all about creating. All items designed and handmade by HomemadeKarma. Good karma included.